Renault Laguna II: disassembly of the fuel pump

Renault Laguna II: disassembly of the fuel pump

Removing the fuel pump is not difficult, if we know the individual steps. In this tutorial, we will show how to remove the fuel pump Renault Laguna I. Damaged fuel pump can lead to the exit of the car. In case of its failure, we will have to buy a new one. It is, however, to view previously the market for used parts. Before we start dismantling the fuel pump on a Renault Laguna II, we must look well-ventilated areas, away from sources of fire. Gasoline and its vapors are very flammable, which can lead to fire.

For dismantling the fuel pump on a Renault Laguna II, we will need: - small screwdriver - large screwdriver - fabric - piece line - device for fitting (you can try, with the help of a flat screwdriver) Raised the trunk lid and removable shelf, then folding rear seats and remove the entire floor of the trunk. The fuel pump is located under the rubber cover, directly on the spare looking towards the rear of the vehicle. After removing the cover cubes electricity from the pump. The next step is the distance of the fuel lines.

Renault Laguna, And there were two types of clasps wires. In the first case it is not required for this special device. Just a little sprucing up the cable, and you can remove it from the socket. If we have a second type of fastener that requires a special tool for this type fittings or a flat-blade screwdriver. With a screwdriver, you must do it very carefully.

Five wires, they must be protected from leakage of fuel. This is best done with a rag. Now go to the very difficult job. It is necessary to Unscrew the nut securing the pump to the tank. In most cases, this nut roast. Interesting and, at the same time, an effective solution is a piece of rope and a screwdriver. We make two loops in the ends of the rope and around his nuts.

Started a screwdriver through the loop and begin to loosen the nut. When we will be able to cope with the nut, we have to remove the pump with sealing ring. At run time, you must be careful not to damage the float is responsible for showing the state of the fuel. New fuel pump installed in reverse order.

You must pay particular attention to the gasket seal of the pump. After installing a new pump key on the ignition and wait about 20 seconds, then start the engine. If you did everything correctly, there should not be problems with downloading it.

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